Discovering Abstract Art With Gaya Karapetyan Our new interview with Gaya Karapetyan is the first time Vox Groovy ever approached abstract art. This time, we’ll be moving away from the world of AAA games, art directors, and tight deadlines, and more towards a freer place... P: 24/10/2020 Comments: 0 R: 25/10/2020 Read more Quitting Job, Taking the Leap of Faith, Super Stressed, Not Burning to Cinder… Julien Gauthier is a French concept artist who’s currently working at Industrial Light & Magic. Because France is well known for its 3D-oriented art schools, he chose one of the more renowned ones and studied for four years, learning... P: 15/10/2020 Comments: 0 R: 15/10/2020 Read more Gaëlle Seguillon on Concept Art for Visual Effects Gaëlle Seguillon is a French concept artist and matte painter who specializes in the creation of digital environments. Some of her recent projects at ILM include blockbuster films like Aladdin (2019), Ready Player One (2018) and Jurassic World: Fallen... P: 30/09/2020 Comments: 0 R: 16/10/2020 Read more Quy Ho on His Humble Beginnings and Work at Riot Games Quy Ho’s journey to becoming a concept artist wasn’t easy. Conflicting ideas and inner voices pushed this aspiration aside for a long, long time. But despite that, once he realized that nothing else is as important and that he... P: 23/09/2020 Comments: 0 R: 24/09/2020 Read more
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