Katia Bourykina about Her Personal Style Yekaterina Bourykina is a 3-D character artist from Russia who currently lives in Woodland Hills, California together with her boyfriend, Geoffrey Ernault. After she graduated at the Art Institute of Dallas, she went on to work for Picture Plane... P: 20/12/2015 Comments: 0 R: 25/04/2017 Read more Henrik Evensen: I couldn’t Sleep One Night Henrik Evensen is a twenty-six year old Digital Artist from Norway. He is currently working at Storyline Studios, a small post-production company that does work on local live-action films, TV series and commercials. Evensen is given lots of different... P: 14/08/2016 Comments: 0 R: 25/04/2017 Read more Character Modeling with Adam Fisher Adam Fisher is a freelance character artist based in Perth, Australia. He is currently working on the Total War: Warhammer franchise, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn a little bit about his experiences at the Creative Assembly. Alongside... P: 08/08/2020 Comments: 0 R: 10/08/2020 Read more Cyberpunk Is yet to Reach Its Zenith The recent influx of cyberpunk works has led a number of people to think that its static vision of hi-tech dystopias must evolve if it means to survive, but this reimagining doesn’t seem like a good idea to fans... P: 03/07/2019 Comments: 0 R: 04/07/2019 Read more
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